2019 Bev May Woman's Tour - 30th Anniversary

 2019 Wms Tour

Bev May Women’s TourBev May Women’s Tour

16 - 17 February 2019


Only entries entered on www.EnterOnLine.co.nz are accepted.


Entries close on 3 February 2019. Entries between 4 February and 10 February incura $25.00 late fee.

Entries are only accepted if they come with payment.

A Cycling New Zealand Race license, international equivalent, or New Zealandsecondary school license is COMPULSORY to participate in the Bev May Women’sTour.

Proof of a current valid license must be shown at registration time; otherwise the riderwill be refused to participate in the Bev May Women’s Tour.

See the tour booklet which can be downloaded from www.EnterOnLine.co.nz fordetails of the event.Bev May Women’s Tour16 - 17 February 2019


  • A Grade $95.00
  • B Grade $85.00
  • C Grade $45.00 (Saturday only)
  • U17 $45.00U15 $20.00 (Saturday only)
  • U13 $20.00 (Saturday only)
  • Para-Cyclist: $20.00 (Saturday only)
  • Late Fee, all Grades: $25.00
Download this file (2019_Poster_v1_6.pdf)2019_Poster_v1_6.pdf[ ]979 kB

Entry List for Harcourts KDRE Bev May Women's Tour 2018

Attached is the final handbook with entries updated.

Download this file (2018_Booklet_Final.pdf)2018_Booklet_Final.pdf[Booklet Final]4051 kB

Women's Tour 2017 Handbook

This is the handbook for the 2017 Harcourts Bev May Women's Tour coming up on the 18th and 19th of February.

Download this file (Tour Booklet 2017.pdf)Tour Booklet 2017.pdf[ ]2979 kB

KDRE Harcourts Bev May Women's Tour 2018

Apologies for taking so long to put up this information... 


The event we have all been waiting for is the Harcourts KDRE Bev May Women's Tour 2018... 


These attachments have information for entries.  

Download this file (2018_Poster_v1_2 tour.jpg)2018_Poster_v1_2 tour.jpg[ ]1834 kB
Download this file (2018_Women_Tour_entry_form_v0_1.jpg)Tour Entry Form[ ]1615 kB