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Postal Address:

Morrinsville Wheelers Cycling Club C/- 448C Thames Street, Morrinsville, New Zealand 3300. 


President: Mark May

Vice President: Roz Reekie-May

Treasurer: Tracey Herbert

Secretary: Andrew Hinton 021 814789

Club Captains: Grant Webb; Roz Reekie-May; Tiffany Perry

Committee Members: Grant Webb; Dave May; Bev May; Roz Reekie-May; Rick Bevins, Craig Herbert, Matt Robinson, John Blake, Carol Findlay

Delegates Centre Meetings: Bev & Dave May, Mark May, Andrew Hinton.

Club Selectors (i.e. for WBOP events or Nationals):  Bev May, Mark May

Club Patrons: Steve Bagnall

Media Officer: Bev May 07 889 6979 

Positions external to club committee:

Website: Quentin Ginever (webmaster), Andrew Hinton 

Race Day information - when available:

STMS & TC: Bev May & Dave May, Mark May, Robin Heaney, Paul Doelman,  Andrew Hinton, Grant Webb, Carol Findlay; Matt Robinson; Claire Moava Sherrington; Tracey Herbert; Craig Herbert; Mark Kennedy; John Blake.

Handicapper: Bev May, Mark May 

Time Keeper: Bev May

Judging: Bev May

UCI Official Commissaire: Bev May

National Commissaire: Dave May

Club Registered Commisaires:  Mark May, Ben Olsen, Roz Reekie-May; Grant Webb

First Aid: Tracey Herbert; Grant Webb

HELPERS: are always needed, so if you are keen to assist the team at club events feel free to put your hand up! We haven't had to use a roster system yet, let's keep it this way!

Corner Marshalls: Volunteer system works well - please take a turn to help the enjoyment of everyone, we haven't had to use a roster system yet, let's keep it that way!