Kaimai Cycles Results 24 October

It was won by club president Mark May in an excellent sprint riding the hilly Taharoa. Starkey, Bell Road circuit 19 km Marks time 35.01

Grant Webb        35.22

James Driver        same time

Nigel Olsen        35.28.

Mark Kennedy    32.33.

Ross Wrenn        same time visitor from Hamilton

Paul Doelman     same time

Robin Heaney     32.36.

Hayden Muter was the strong man in the scratch field spliting the bunch up Anthony vanderPass the only rider to stay.

Hayden Muter     28.38

Anthony vandePass    38.49.

Rob Driver           34.06

Brent Burne        34.10

Andrew Hinton    30.30.

Kendyll Blissett starting of the limit with Dave May and Jack Harvey had a good ride and learnt a lot from Dave May

Kendylls            50.46.

Dave May           same time

Hanz vanderBroek    30.53.

Jack Harvey             51.09

Tiffany Perry on her hand cyclists road 1 lap Bolton road 16k in 41.40.

Kaimai Cycles Series Race - November 14

14 November

Riders raced Taharoa/Starkey/Bell/Chepmell Road and then race around the Bell Road circuit 33k

Nigel Olsen            1.06.04

Brent Burne            1.06.07

Jack Bailey            1.10.28.

Mark Kennedy winning the bunch sprint    56.27.

Darryn Jackson fastest time        55.27.

Ross Wrenn                               56.28.

Paul Doelman   

John Cottingham                        56.29.

Hanz vandenBroek                     55.30

Robin Heaney                            56.32.

Mark May                                 56.33.

Riders riding 1 lap

Carol Findlay                            44.24.

Kendyll Blissett                        57.53.

Dave May                                 59.33.

Jack Harvey                             59.36.

Tiffany Perry on her hand cyclist 1.04.36.

Results from Mushroom Industries Invitation Race

Sorry results were delayed 
Under 13 16k
Hannah Mudgeway        37.51.
Amies Sardilich            36.37.
Jess Cardwell               same time
Hamish Banks              31.55. fastest time
Under 15 1 lap Milliken Road 16k Jack Carswell    26.20.
Under 17 3 laps Milliken Road
James Corbett            1.21.57.
Reuban Thompson       same time
Patrick Clancy            DNF
OPEN 64 K 4 Laps Milliken Road.
Unluckest rider was Grace Kelly who was having a ride of her life, away out front on last lap punctured.
Blake Buxton            1.36.06
Glen Carbine             same time
Alex Heaney    fastest time 1.28.57.
Michael Torckler        same time
Nathan Bunn             same time
Boris Clark                same time
Andrew Hinton           1.45.09
Darryn Jackson          1.45.57.
Hanz vanderBroek      1.47.47.
Alishia Evans        from Counties Manukau fastest wome 1.50.47.
Russell Mudgeway    1.50.47.
Mark Kennedy           1.53.29
Ross Wrenn              same time
Matt Kelly                2.06.00
Robin Heaney          2.03.00
Natasha Collins        2.18.00
Grace Kelly            DNF
Joshua Kuyston     DNF
Liam Cappell          DNF
Jack McLantion      DNF
Thanks to Meadow Mushrooms for Mushrooms sponsorship.             

Kaimai Cycles Results Race 3


Hand cyclist Tiffany Perry rode 1 lap Station road in 39.42.

All other cyclists raced are Pakarua Road, Settlement road a distance of 28k

The scratch riders gave away 26 minutes to the limit riders, they ended up catching the riders on the home straight on Bolton Road.

Hayden Muter off scratch easily won the sprint in 36.38.

Darryn Jackson        36.59.

Robin Heaney           40.00

Hanz vanderBroek    same time

Mark Kennedy         same time

Anthony vandePas    36.58.

Mark May                41.00

Ross Wrenn            same time

Paul Doelman          43.17

Bruece Robinson      43.18

Brent Burne              43.19

Rob Driver                43.35.

Carol Findlay            49.02

Roz Reekie May      same time

Jack Harvey            1.05.55.

Dave May            same time

James Driver            48.49

Grant Webb            50.12.

special thanks to Jack Bailey for being marshall while he isnt able to compete much appreciated.


Track Results 8 July 2017

Results from the club's 2nd track session 8 July 2017. Thank you to all supporters and officials of this track session.


A. Grade 10 lap scratch

Aiden Boswell

Robin Heaney

Darryn Jackson

Claire Shearton

Bevin Bell

B. Grade 10 lap

Mark Kennedy

Mark Sweney

Mark May

Grant Webb

Adam Sweney

Elimination Race A. Grade.

Aiden Boswell

Darryn Jackson

Manu Robson

B. Grade Elimination Race

Mark May

Grant Webb

Kellie Ellis

3 lap pursuit the teams were very close.

Manu Robson. Robin Heaney, Grant Webb        3.48.16.

Claire Shearton, Bevin Bell, Mark Kennedy         3.35.86.

Darryn Jackson.Mark Sweney, Adam Sweney    4.01.08

Aiden Boswell. Mark May.Kellie Ellis                 3.49.59.

Team Sprint riders competing 1 lap  last rider doing 3.

Maun Robson. Robin Heaney, Grant Webb         1.00.35.

Bevin Bell Claire Sheardon. Mark Kennedy          1.01.97

Darryn Jackson. Mark Sweney. Adam Sweney    1.00.99

Aiden Boswell. Mark May, Kellie Ellis                 1.00.95.

25laps all in.

Manu Robson

Claire Shearton

Darryn Jackson

Robin Heaney

Aiden Boswell

Mark May

Mark Kennedy                                                    9.30.

Sprint time taking on last 200metres.

Bevin Bell

Aiden Boswell

Manu Robson                                                    12.38.

Claire Shearton

Darryn Jackson

Mark Kennedy                                                    14.29.

Mark Sweney

Mark May

Robin Heaney                                                    14.69.

Kellie Ellis

Adan Sweney

Grant Webb                                                       16.30.

7 min rol then 3 laps sprint

Mark Kennedy

Robin Heaney\Mark Sweney

Claire Shearton

Aiden Boswell

Darryn Jackson