It was won by club president Mark May in an excellent sprint riding the hilly Taharoa. Starkey, Bell Road circuit 19 km Marks time 35.01

Grant Webb        35.22

James Driver        same time

Nigel Olsen        35.28.

Mark Kennedy    32.33.

Ross Wrenn        same time visitor from Hamilton

Paul Doelman     same time

Robin Heaney     32.36.

Hayden Muter was the strong man in the scratch field spliting the bunch up Anthony vanderPass the only rider to stay.

Hayden Muter     28.38

Anthony vandePass    38.49.

Rob Driver           34.06

Brent Burne        34.10

Andrew Hinton    30.30.

Kendyll Blissett starting of the limit with Dave May and Jack Harvey had a good ride and learnt a lot from Dave May

Kendylls            50.46.

Dave May           same time

Hanz vanderBroek    30.53.

Jack Harvey             51.09

Tiffany Perry on her hand cyclists road 1 lap Bolton road 16k in 41.40.