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Under 13 16k
Hannah Mudgeway        37.51.
Amies Sardilich            36.37.
Jess Cardwell               same time
Hamish Banks              31.55. fastest time
Under 15 1 lap Milliken Road 16k Jack Carswell    26.20.
Under 17 3 laps Milliken Road
James Corbett            1.21.57.
Reuban Thompson       same time
Patrick Clancy            DNF
OPEN 64 K 4 Laps Milliken Road.
Unluckest rider was Grace Kelly who was having a ride of her life, away out front on last lap punctured.
Blake Buxton            1.36.06
Glen Carbine             same time
Alex Heaney    fastest time 1.28.57.
Michael Torckler        same time
Nathan Bunn             same time
Boris Clark                same time
Andrew Hinton           1.45.09
Darryn Jackson          1.45.57.
Hanz vanderBroek      1.47.47.
Alishia Evans        from Counties Manukau fastest wome 1.50.47.
Russell Mudgeway    1.50.47.
Mark Kennedy           1.53.29
Ross Wrenn              same time
Matt Kelly                2.06.00
Robin Heaney          2.03.00
Natasha Collins        2.18.00
Grace Kelly            DNF
Joshua Kuyston     DNF
Liam Cappell          DNF
Jack McLantion      DNF
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