Town and Country Series

 The results of the Town and Country series can be seen on the following attachments



These are the results for the race hosted in Morrinsville:

A. Grade 48k Burnie McGrath        1.11.01

Noah Costar                                same time

C. Grade

Phillip Reid                                    1.18.01

Trevor Folley

Steve Pawlwy   

Allan Mark

David Spedding

Michael Hamid

Robin Heaney

Cliff Whittaker

Mark May

Ross Wrenn

Brent Hill                                    1.18.05

Grant Schrelaiker       

Paul Doelman                             1.18.32.

Mark Kennedy                             1.21.52.

B. Grade

Tony Fitzwater                            1.11.01.

Andrew Hinton                             1.13.47.

Jason Irwin

Doug Latto

David Chandler

Hanz vanderBroek

Darryn Jackson                           1,13,50

Gary Jackson

Bob Puru                                    1,19.52.


Stuart Potts                                1.16.57.

Lucas Murphy

Charlie Herbert

Fleur Wallace

Ian Broshham

Emma McKay

Nickie Moorse                            1.29.00


Bradley Forsyth under 15            2laps 1.07.43.

Kendyll Blissett                         1.30.47.

Dave May Dave is helping new riders out.

WBOP Team Time Trial Championships

The Team Time Trial championship was recently hosted, these are the results. 

Under 15 Girls  

Hamilton    10k    18.36.


Under 15 Boys

HCC No2                         10k    18.52.

TASCC 2                                   18.05    3RD

HCCC No 1                               16.02     1st

TASCC No 1`````                         16.22.   2nd.

Women Masters 1- 4

HCCC                            40K    1.05.27.   1ST

Masters Men 5+

HCCC No 2                              1.05.38.

Tauranga                                  1.00.8.   1st

Morrinsville                                1.02.21.  3rd

HCCC No1                                1.01.09    2nd

TASCC                                     1.04.18

Master Men 1-  Master Men 4

CMC                                        57.33.   2ND no medal

Morrinsville                               58.15.    2nd

HCCC                                      54.13.    1ST


Tauranga                                    1.02.26.

Open men

Dynamo                                 52.10.

HCCC                                    52.06.2ND


TASCC                                  52.08   3RD.

Results for time trials at age group nationals

Congratulations to Sarah Morrison and Tim Williams for winning  their Time Trial Events at the age group nationals.


Also congratulations to all club riders who participated, and perhaps broke personal best times?