Firstly, I want to thank every committee member, subcommittee member, all the helpers, supporters and partners for your valuable time and commitment in assisting with running the club, without this continued support the club would not function nor exist.

A special big thanks to Bev and Dave who continually give of their time and effort in making the club the success that it is.

Also thank you to everyone on the stms and tc roster Paul, Grant, Andrew, Darryn, Carol, Robin, Bruce.

Also new committee members I hope you enjoyed your year and are keen for another year or 10

Morrinsville Wheelers is not the biggest club nor does it have endless numbers of helpers or bottomless pockets but what we do have is a great, tightknit, group of guys and gals who just get on with racing, helping and being good club members. I think everybody here would agree with me that we continually punch above our weight and are more proactive than some of the other clubs in the country.

During my time as President I have tried to promote the social side of the club a bit more and celebrate success.

Such as a Christmas Do for the committee, a celebratory party for the successful 30th running of the Harcourt Bev May tour. As well as bev’s after race baking

The club has also had some success at WBOP and national level. With some members winning medals and reaching personal achievements. the highlight was Charlie Herbert being selected to represent NZ at the Oceania games

One of the highlights of the year once again was the successful running the 30th yes we have run this event 30 times!

The Harcourt’s Bev May Women’s Tour- with 120 of the country’s best female cyclist coming to Morrinsville. This iconic race puts MWheelers on the map as a prominent and competent well organised Event. Always with the new challenges, this event was praised by all those who were involved for a fun and friendly event, this year we saw some very aggressive racing that matched anything the men could do. thank you to the club for your support and hard work!

This race takes a huge amount of effort to run and without the continued support of club members, partners, and supporters the Bev May tour would not continue to thrive.

We also need to acknowledge our sponsors- without them the club would not be able to run such successful events- Harcourts, Kaimai Cycles, Liv, Unichem, Ultimo, New World

Because MW has such a good reputation with mmpdc and long history with running safe bike races we must continue to respect the privilege to race on the roads I believe we are doing well at trying not to upset some off the public


The events we have run during this year:

Kaimai cycles Twlight series

Harcourt’s Bev May Women’s Tour

Bill and Hazel Summers open

Track series

Mini tour

Stms and tc training

Thank you to Leigh Bisset of Kaimai cycles are, we are grateful and happy to have the continued support. Please support Kaimai cycles for cycling requirements.

I believe the club is on the right track with new members coming to the club now is the time to push on and keep up the enthusiasm

My message to all who are here tonight thinking about going on the committee- the club is not difficult to run and organise, many hands make light work, we need your help.